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FMA Yuri

Fullmetal Alchemist + Yuri Ships = Happy Fans!

Fullmetal Alchemist Yuri
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Fullmetal Alchemist Yuri: For all FMA yuri pairings
Last Update: January 13th, 2012.

In the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom, there are several communities. There are fm_alchemist and fmalchemist, which are the general, everyday communities. There is fma_het, specifically for the het fans. fma_yaoi was made for the yaoi fans. And that doesn't even get into the specific pairing communities, such as royai, hughesxroy and _crossfire.

But where does that leave the Fullmetal Alchemist yuri fans?

This community is for all the Lust/Sloth, Hawkeye/Ross, Winry/Schiezka, Hawkeye/Winry, Paninya/Winry, and other yuri pairing fans. Have fanart for us? Fanfics? Doujinshi? Icons? An interesting thing you saw in the most recent episode/chapter? We're all ready to hear about the yuri! Crossovers are welcome too, as long as they feature FMA female characters in a relationship with other female characters from any fandom, and/or FMA-only yuri pairings.

Genderbending is not allowed here, because we want to keep it all about characters who identify as female in official sources. There are tons of communities out there that allow fanworks focused on male characters and their genderbent versions.

This community is not for children. Please do not join if you are under 18.

Bashing (of characters, pairings, fandoms, fans, fanworks, beliefs etc.) will not be tolerated. Nor will trolling, spamming and attempts to pass moral judgement on anyone based on their fannish preferences.

Please do not post untitled entries. All posts must have the subject line filled with a descriptive title. Examples: Fic: Story Title (Pairing, Rating) / Icons: Pairing(s) / Fanart: Pic Title (Pairing, Rating). No vague titles ("Hello," "I need your help" etc.).

No intro posts, unless they include something that is truly relevant to this community (fics, pics and the such).

Do not post ads of any kind. Promo posts may only be made by mods.

If any issues arise which weren't covered by these rules, the mods reserve the right to take any measures they deem appropriate on a case-by-case basis. Their decisions are final and not up for discussion.

Your current mod is Vane (vane_nt). She tries to be nice and fair, but she's not afraid to ban rule breakers. The community is owned by ylg, but we ask that all questions and suggestions are sent to Vane.

The layout is a Hawkeye/Ross fanart by the wonderful miss_arel. Used with permission.